About Me

Sadie Roy

My passion for photography started in high school when I took an elective darkroom class and I have been taking photos ever since. The older I get the greater appreciation I have for the experience of the darkroom in this digital age. Eventually I gave in and moved from the 35mm to a digital camera but will always have a love for shooting with film.

Although I also photograph in color, black and white has always been my personal favorite. Whether it be people, landscape, or animals, I’ve always found that black and white has a soulful feel and creates a great connection to the subject. Having grown up in and still living in New England I’m never short on great quaint towns or mountains, my favorite place being the White Mountains, to photograph and pull inspiration from whatever catches my eye. Landscape and macro are a large focus, but growing up watching National Geographic also gave me a love for photographing animals including our rescue cats.

I never know what will catch my eye and find that the greatest photos come from simply taking time to observe the world around us also something to appreciate in digital times.

  • Pet and Animal 30% 30%
  • Black and White 60% 60%
  • Floral 40% 40%
  • Landscape & Architecture 40% 40%

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